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556 Aviation Parachutes/Aviation Parachutes
Lot No Type Description Price
N83759 OBL image FRANCE (1960) Parachutist*. Illustrated cancel on envelope: Bayonne. Parachutiste d'Outre Mer.
N66116 ESS image FRANCE (1973) Pierre Bourgoin*. Phillippe Kieffer*. Trial color proof pair. Héros des parachutistes S.A.S. Yvert No 1773, Scott No 1382.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N89072 FDC image CENTRAL AFRICA (1968) Venus IV Probe* landing by parachute*. Unaddressed FDC with cachet and thematic cancel. Scott No C56, Yvert No PA59.
N90397 ** image MAURITANIA (1970) Apollo XIII capsule parachitung to Earth*. Gold foil stamp. Scott No C104, Yvert No PA108..

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