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549 Automobile: Traffic Safety/Securité routière
Lot No Type Description Price
N10598 EMA image U.S.A. (1940) Boys' Good Drivers League. Red meter cancellation on piece Pitney Bowes No 58474: "Help Boys Enroll! Ford Good Drivers League."
N29065 EMA image U.S.A. (1950) Traffic safety. Blue meter cancellation on envelope Pitney Bowes No 57057:Drive Courteously for Safety.
N80376 ND HUNGARY (1964) Traffic safety*. Set of 3 imperforates. Scott Nos 1615-7.
N35091 SPE image JAPAN (1969) Mother & child* Pedestrian crosswalk*. Traffic safety issue overprinted MIHON (specimen). Scott No 989, Yvert No 941.
N55705 FDC image GREECE (1986) European traffic safety campaign*. FDC with special cancel and cachet showing flags of participating countries. Scott Nos 1565-7, Yvert Nos 1598-1600.

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