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530 Architecture Eiffel Tower/Architecture Tour Eiffel
Lot No Type Description Price
N68880 OBL image FRANCE (1962) Eiffel tower. Nice pictorial cancel on envelope.
N89995 EMA image FRANCE (1990) Eiffel tower*. Red meter cancelation on envelope, No. BB0208: la Tour Eiffel est peinte en Seigneurie.

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Lot No Type Description Price
N57995 EL image NEW CALEDONIA (1987) Planes*. Eiffel tower*. Deluxe sheet. 30th anniversary of Paris-Nouméa flights. Scott No C207, Yvert No PA250.
N66101 ESS image FRANCE (1970) Lion de Belfort (Sculpture de Bartholdi)*. Colonel Denfert-Rochereau*. Yvert No 1660. Scott No 1291. Centenaire du Siège de Belfort. Essais de couleur.
N57758 ND image CENTRAL AFRICA (1965) Lincoln*. Statue of Liberty*. Imperforate corner block of 4 with dates. Scott No C28, Yvert No PA31.
N74165 OBL image JAPAN (1957) Apples*. Eiffel tower*. Illustrated cancellation on postal card.
N71057 ESS image COMOROS (1972) Eiffel tower*. Moroni telephone* exchange. Stylized radio waves*. Trial color proof. Scott No C43. Yvert No PA43. First radio telephone connection between Comoro Islands and France.
N71314 ESS image LAOS (1958) Goddess*. UNESCO Building*. Eiffel tower*. Trial color proof. Scott No 50, Yvert No 53. Issued to commemorate the opening of UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

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